Rates are dependent on the individual project. Please contact me for an individualized quote for your particular project.


  • Record and produce singles, EPs or full-length albums for singers, songwriters, bands or instrumentalists.
  • Talent is available for projects if you need additional instrumentation or vocals.
  • Production includes recording, editing, mixing and mastering services.
  • Assistance with your release: end-to-end help from pre-production to recording to graphic design and layout. Also includes providing mastered audio for duplication and assistance in choosing duplication services.


  • Mixdown of multitrack projects recorded anywhere. Compatible with any digital formats (Pro Tools, Logic, SONAR, Nuendo, etc.) Send your full-resolution raw tracks using DropBox, the song tempos in bpm if possible, a rough reference mix and examples of songs that reflect the overall direction or style of the mix you’d like.
  • Put me in contact with the engineer or studio that did your tracks and I can work with them to transfer the multitrack files for mixing.
  • Includes pitch correction if needed. Drum replacement is also available if you need better sounding drums. I can also track a real acoustic drum kit on your tracks if desired.


  • Individual mastering per-song or album/project. Includes review of your tracks to identify mix issues so that they can be corrected before mastering. I’ll work with your mix engineer to fix any mixing or frequency issues.
  • Any formats accepted – physical CD, digital audio files (.wav, .aiff, etc.) I can work from any format but the best results will be from high-resolution source mixes. Minimum of 24-bit / 44.1KHz is highly recommended.
  • Delivery of final masters on PMCD, DDP, raw .wav and mp3 encoded from full-resolution masters.  Whatever your project or duplicator needs, I can provide it.


  • Additional instrumentation can be added to your project or performed on your tracks. I specialize in providing high quality drum tracks recorded on a Tama Starclassic Performer Birch series drum set. Most styles of music.
  • Drum replacement or enhancement is available. Samples can be added to enhance existing drum sounds or used to replace poor sounding drums.
  • Guitar work – electric or acoustic. Huge range of guitar sounds available using gear from Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Fractal Audio, Line 6 and more. If you’re looking for a specific type of guitar tone I can probably nail it or get really close.
  • Bass guitar (4-string and 5-string), vocals (male and female) and keyboards (piano, synth) also available for your tracks.