Catwerk Music is a music publishing and production company started by John “JD” Stefan as an outlet for his own original material. Since its inception Catwerk Music has published hundreds of songs and released dozens of CDs and singles with various artists and bands including JD’s own projects and licensed numerous tracks for use in television, cable and film.

About JD

I’ve been a life-long musician having started  with piano lessons and after a brief stint on trumpet I moved to my heart’s desire – the drum kit. Drumming is awesome and soul-satisfying but as I began to aspire to write and create songs I found I needed a way to translate my ideas to my musical friends who were primarily guitar players. So, I learned guitar, picked up the bass guitar along the way, retained my keyboard skills and sang by default when no one else wanted to. Eventually I became my own one-stop recording and production team and delved deeply into the audio engineering side of things. After a lot of painful (and mostly fun) learning and development I’ve become at home in front of audiences small and large as a performer and equally at home in the recording studio whether it’s laying down drum tracks, groovin’ bass lines or ripping guitars or mixing and mastering work for clients all around the world (literally). I also love collaboration and am ready to sit down and write or help develop ideas.

I would love to hear about your project and musical goals. Please contact me to discuss it. I seem to find a way to work within most budgets which probably means I work too cheap but hey, it’s my passion too so let’s see what we can do together!

Production Studio

The production studio is a treated room with everything necessary to record, mix and master audio. Most projects are done “in the box” using Logic Pro, Pro Tools or Cakewalk SONAR. Outboard gear is also in play depending on the project and need.

If you’re an independent artist, singer/songwriter or band needing a well-produced, competitive demo, EP or album we can help you get there. Contact us for more info. Rates are flexible depending on the project. We don’t typically take on a project unless there’s good chemistry and a sincere belief in the music and the people involved in making it. Everyone involved should be passionate about what is being created.

Many of JD’s tracks have been licensed for television. Below is a partial list of networks that have used music produced by JD Stefan and Catwerk Music.